My Dog Answers Fan Questions
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My Dog Has a Girlfriend!
My Puppy Does the Dishes
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NAZMUN NAHAR پیش 23 ساعت
Who eats rolls?
DarkSun _Gacha
DarkSun _Gacha پیش 23 ساعت
Egyptian and Arabic food with Jannah
Egyptian and Arabic food with Jannah پیش 23 ساعت
I cannot work due to health problems, but I have an Egyptian and Arabic food channel that you can watch it
Sam Pari
Sam Pari پیش 23 ساعت
Me Will tucker cheat on journey
yOu nEeD nAmJeSuS
yOu nEeD nAmJeSuS پیش 23 ساعت
For tucker: In what country you live?
Ratheesh Swapna
Ratheesh Swapna پیش 23 ساعت
I want to see tucker real life
Ratheesh Swapna
Ratheesh Swapna پیش 23 ساعت
Post everyday New videos
Mason Allgood
Mason Allgood پیش 23 ساعت
NAZMUN NAHAR پیش 23 ساعت
I was removed James.
Poonam Tikaria
Poonam Tikaria پیش 23 ساعت
"Strawboobs"😂😂 I'm laughing for 15 mins
Waxy .:.:.
Waxy .:.:. پیش 23 ساعت
I can see Tucker is getting older
Austin plays
Austin plays پیش روز
Why at 3.22 (I don't know how to make the time) legs are at the table
Sinead -
Sinead - پیش روز
Oh myyyy
Fever Gaming
Fever Gaming پیش روز
Waiting for more videos Linda..Please upload more videos ..I am following you in Instagram Tucker is just awesome..And I love your voice..I commented many many time there is no reply....But I still Love Tuckerrrrr....Lots of Love to you both♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️....Please upload something more videos and time is very less try to increase time this is my request plssss......
Rudrani Bhattacharjee
Rudrani Bhattacharjee پیش روز
My god he is a gentleman
Rudrani Bhattacharjee
Rudrani Bhattacharjee پیش روز
Jessica- TOH
Jessica- TOH پیش روز
Do you like vegetable
Shawn Denise Coley
Shawn Denise Coley پیش روز
I was rolling when Tucker just said happy wife happy life 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dr pottom shak
Dr pottom shak پیش روز
Happy wofe, happy life 😂🤣 lmao😂🤣
D. D.
D. D. پیش روز
why is your dog so intelligent?
Purple The crewmate
Purple The crewmate پیش روز
Tucker do u love chimcken yes or no
Bonniejane Jopia
Bonniejane Jopia پیش روز
Tucker do you love your girlfriends
jethro GAMES
jethro GAMES پیش روز
For Tucker: Would you like to see your wife journee again?
Emersyn Smith
Emersyn Smith پیش روز
:for tucker Do you love your fans
cheryl gorospe
cheryl gorospe پیش روز
Skye been scratch by fred our cat sooo thxs tucker that cat claw is a dangerus things ok
Martinello Muc
Martinello Muc پیش روز
So so cute. I Love him❤️
Gwen Farnsworth
Gwen Farnsworth پیش روز
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍He's too cute!!!!!!
Roshelle One
Roshelle One پیش روز
Tucker makes my day😂😂😂😂
Robotic 85
Robotic 85 پیش روز
Is Linda better than dad
Xø. Jazlyn
Xø. Jazlyn پیش روز
Such a beautiful moment the dogs getti- TUCKER STOP HUMPING JOURNEE😂😂
Roshelle One
Roshelle One پیش روز
Cuuuttteee overload❤❤❤😊❤
jp yadav
jp yadav پیش روز
Tucker is so cute and intelligent 😍☺️ I also wish to be have a dog like tucker 🙂
Johnny Nguyen
Johnny Nguyen پیش روز
The Adventures of a Bookworm
The Adventures of a Bookworm پیش روز
My question: Have you ever let Pearl or Journee steal your food? Did you sniff over 10,000 butts? Did you ever meet a kid but bite him? P.S. For Linda: I absolutely wish I had a pet. All kids do. So does me, Zoey, a ten year old.
Amit Roy
Amit Roy پیش روز
Margaux Reyes
Margaux Reyes پیش روز
- do you eat cat food
Gwen Farnsworth
Gwen Farnsworth پیش روز
me: the cone off shame~ tuker 🍩
Amit Roy
Amit Roy پیش روز
do you love Linda more than chimken and steak
Bunny X Pubg m
Bunny X Pubg m پیش روز
can he really understand?? bcoz they are also intelligent
Surprise Bling
Surprise Bling پیش روز
3:40 I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣
Skylar Burton
Skylar Burton پیش روز
I love tucker
Skylar Burton
Skylar Burton پیش روز
That’s Me!
FaZesBoy پیش روز
0:26 Holy heck I drooling 0:30 Doing a Salivate 0:34 HAB MERCY 0:37 DIS TORTURE 0:38 DATS IT 0:41 COME TO PUPPPA 0:42 Wipes drool off
Skylar Burton
Skylar Burton پیش روز
Who knows how the video
The bestest kid
The bestest kid پیش روز
Cat-Pooper Catta-Poop
Lila Holohan
Lila Holohan پیش روز
do you like horses?
jelly bean
jelly bean پیش روز
One like one chimken for tucker One dislike one tucker for chimken
bulbul bulbul
bulbul bulbul پیش روز
Donot torture the dog by bathing him for video The dog is doing this for chicken pieces. JUST give them lots of love
Dan Reimers
Dan Reimers پیش روز
This is my favourite video tucker has done by far
honey srivastav
honey srivastav پیش روز
He is really cute 😍❤️
Kat S
Kat S پیش روز
Cmon who hasn’t accidentally just had to pee with the fishies Yes gross but Fack when ya gotta go ya gotta go Cramer said so
Kazimo پیش روز
I want a dog sooo bad... :( but my jobs isnt alowing dogs (12 hour shifts) he would be alone for too long. Sucks beeing alone
Kobi Soffer
Kobi Soffer پیش روز
cute dog. I dont get the part where owners dub their dogs. Its look stupid to me
Keegan Stewart
Keegan Stewart پیش روز
You’re the reason I’m getting a golden retriever SoonI convince my mom by showing her all the videos
Insane Asylum
Insane Asylum پیش روز
Linda: I paid Tucker: I peed
Alka Kharel
Alka Kharel پیش روز
Do tuker want babies puppies of his own
Pace's Place
Pace's Place پیش روز
Tucker: "am nacked" Me: always has been
Jill Zhang
Jill Zhang پیش روز
Can you please trim Tucker's hair near his eyes? He looks frowning all the time and looks a bit unhappy
Surprise Bling
Surprise Bling پیش روز
Excooz me sir, Wood you call dis Promoted hooman
Lal Rem Thang
Lal Rem Thang پیش روز
Do you like chimken?
Hamom Babita
Hamom Babita پیش روز
What is your favorite toy
Nikki Makes cool things
Nikki Makes cool things پیش روز
i love him so much
andiara پیش روز
Kayleh Mist
Kayleh Mist پیش روز
It’s a cack roach
SATHISH Ayyavu پیش روز
Is tucker a smart and handsome doggo
Kiki_ Cookie_lover
Kiki_ Cookie_lover پیش روز
Do you like to sniff?
Roshelle One
Roshelle One پیش روز
Lovefor All
Lovefor All پیش روز
I’m new to this channel , what happened to journ
Roshelle One
Roshelle One پیش روز
Tucker makes my day😂😂😂
Kaustabh Ghosh
Kaustabh Ghosh پیش روز
When the beginning run started I was just petting my puppy and my puppy just jumped and went out of bed thanks a lot
550 subscribers with 3 videos challenge
550 subscribers with 3 videos challenge پیش روز
0:53 TUCKER!
Robera Daba
Robera Daba پیش روز
funny of you tucker!!!
Tannishtha Nair
Tannishtha Nair پیش روز
U make my day 🤩 The subtitles are so accurate😆
vruddhi modi
vruddhi modi پیش روز
I just love this video so much I cannot stop watching it
N J پیش روز
Whoever disliked this were probably people with Labrador’s
Cake Sweetness
Cake Sweetness پیش روز
Tucker,would like to go out on date with Journee?
abhijeet guha
abhijeet guha پیش روز
For tucker: do you like chimken?
Hakan Kaya
Hakan Kaya پیش روز